Distance Coaching

Are you ready to get really good with horses?  No matter where you live,  you will have the opportunity to send in a video that I will review and assess.  If you need any ideas on what you could film, I can give you lots of video ideas.  Even though we may live over a large distance, this way of learning is very personalized.

  • Call or email me to get set up
  • Video a roughly 10 minute session with you and your horse
  • Upload it to youtube or vimeo and email me the link
  • We will set up a time to call each other to view the video together and discuss
  • Cost for the analysis and discussion:  $70 by interac

During our phone call, you will have the opportunity to ask any additional questions and discuss the feedback in detail. 

We will celebrate the success you've had and set up a plan on how to progress you further.

Fix one thing after another, and before you know it you’ll have reached your goals. 

Kari has learned from the best—Pat & Linda Parelli—about how to be an empowering instructor.   She has also studied extensively with Don Halladay and Lauren Barwick, additionaly spend time with Dave Ellis, Carol Cppinger, John Baar and Kathy Baar, all 5-Star and above instructors.  She has also spend over 30 weeks on the Parelli campus's.   Her main focus is for you to be successful! Long Distance Coaching is the best way to take advantage of Kari’s experience—until you get to one of her workshops! Experiences she is eager to share with all horse lovers.