Horsemanship Retreat

Is the idea of a retreat with your horse what you need ?  Imagine an instructor available to help you with any question you might have ?  Perhaps video that audition you've been meaning to get to ?

A time to unplug and spend time in a safe supportive environment.  Enjoy a weekend with a small intimate group of 3 to 5 people.  Organize a group of friends! 

You will progress:

  • much faster
  • much safer
  • by helping you get focused 
  • by having a plan to take home.

When we're so busy with the demands on our time, the time we get with our horse becomes more about quality than quantity.

This deeper, more entrenched experience will deepen your understanding and connection.  What keeps your dreams safe is having a strong focus and hanging around with positive, progressive and natural people. For any level horsemanship!

Horsemanship has many layers, like an onion.  They study of horsemanship can last a lifetime.  It takes a real commitment both to yourself and your horse.

After we get some basic techniques and language, it progresses into an art.  In the Parelli program, level 1 and 2 is the preparation and the ABC of the language that will prepare us to study the art of horsemanship using psychology, understanding of the horses needs and how they learn.  This'll be essential as we move in to level 3/4.

The more refined our communication, the more refined our conversation.

DATES:  (limited to 5 participants per session)

  • TBD

I'll be available to you during our 2 days together. We'll have scheduled time together and free time where you can use the facility and  where I'll will be available to answer any questions.

  • goal setting
  • progression plan
  • theory 
  • simulations
  • group lessons
  • private lessons
  • breakfast included
  • facility included

$400 for 2 full days. Bring a friend and you each receive $50 off !

Not included: accommodation. I have several options, we can discuss what best suits you.


Our facility has many options:

  • an outdoor 100' x 200' arena
  • a 180 ' honeycomb
  • 50' round pen
  • 70' round pen
  • 1 km trail
  • a playfield
  • a pond to swim
  • a pond to play and ride through

Choose between a pasture or a private pen.