How to start ...

What is your best learning style ? And what are the advantages of each. There are several way to progress through the program.

Private lessons: (1 on 1) where we can learn the depth of a concept and refine it. The program teaches feel and timing, how to be effective to communicate through body language so having an instructor focusing only on you can be intense but also can provide insightful feedback. 

Group Lesson: (2-3 students)  we can pick a subject to focus for 2 or more hours.

Workshops: (4-6 students) we get to chose particular themes to develop in a smaller group.  A workshop mean we can spend a full day together at a reasonable price.  

Educational DVD's: The program is designed as a home study program, accessible to anyone, anywhere. 

Clinics: The best way to learn the scope of the program and usually our opportunity to learn directly under a master horseman. Topics covered will be laid out to develop concepts and then we get to see how different horses and people develop through these concepts. Additional strategies to the DVD's are presented, and the more strategies you have, the better horseman you become. 

*** The absolute very best and the least expensive is to become a member of the Parelli Savvy Club for $20 per month.  You will have access to hundreds of videos, documents, and create a learning pathway for each of your horses.

Parelli Savvy Club

*** If you are interested in becoming a member please contact me and I can help you get set up.  

Video Coaching:   Submit a 10 minute video and we will set up a time to review it together.  If you're far away from an instructor, this can be a great option to keep you progressing.

I believe the ultimate is to plan to participate in each method. And at the minimum, the educational DVDs are the essential.
All this together with support through the Parelli Savvy Club will set you up for success. 

"Look after your horsemanship and your horsemanship will look after you. " Pat Parelli