2 Day clinic with Don Halladay, 5-Star Master Instructor

Obstacle and Trail Riding Confidence

July 20, 21, 2019


Confidence building with Obstacles

Help your horse become confident in himself and in his human by learning new challenges and becoming a puzzle solver.  Your horse will develop confidence in new environments, situations and with other horses.  

Learn to read when your horse is confident and asking questions.  If your horse is lacking confidence, how do we build confidence putting the relationship first?  Horses that have been hurried or pushed too fast, result in a confused or fearful horse.   As the human, we need to learn how to support the question and provide the guidance to develop the strength of bond.

We’ll have a mix of obstacles from the Parelli task list, Cowboy Extreme and TREC.

Building confidence and connection on the Trail

We will focus on skills and strategies to help your horse trail ride with confidence and connection.  A perfect trail ride is one that increases your connection with your horse, rather than your horse connecting with everything but you!  Ride outside of the ring to your level and comfort.

Optional:  Trail hand walking will build confidence in your and your horse and lead to riding the trail as you and your horse are ready.

Whether you ride English or Western, desire to trail ride or if you have competition goals; Parelli Natural Horsemanship will help you become a good trainer, psychologist, behaviourist and rider.

For students in level 2 and up.


Cost:   $450  tax incl.  

Deposit:  $200  to reserve your spot.  

Balance of payment by June 15.

Regular:  $50 / day
Members: $40 / day