Parelli Camp 2016 - 12 Touchstones of Parelli

August 17 - 21, 2016

I hope you can join us this year for our 5 day camp with 5-Star Master Instructor Don Halladay.  We are very excited and will strive to create a safe and fun learning experience.  We have a fabulous instructor team lined up and an intimate environment where we can foster our horsemanship values with great students in our community.  Contact Kari for more details 
Document for Riders Please print and return by mail or email. Early bird special until March 1. 627 KB

Testimonials for Don

Photos from 2015 ... courtesy Wendy Webb

What were you looking forward to the most with the Don Halladay Clinic ?  For me, what I was looking forward to the most was seeing Mr. Halladay's approach, attitude and problem solving  with my medium spirited LBI and then also, with the horses and various scenarios presented at the clinic.  It is clear  from watching and listening to  Mr. Halladay that he cares deeply about the horse and his passion lies in helping the horse develop confidence and trust in a human partner and increasing the quality of understanding between horse and human and vice versa.     It was interesting to watch a 'master at work' ... His approach and response was consistently fair, thoughtful, patient, and appropriate for every horse and human in the clinic.  Amazing results.  

What was the biggest thing you took away from the clinic that you use with your horse ?  The biggest thing I personally took away from the clinic was a new sense of just how important it is to my horse that I act as a fair, consistent leader 100 percent of the time.  I learned to better read  my horse's behaviour and efforts for me and recognize 'try', and  true fear... and a better understanding of how to treat each.  
Having been, what would you say to anyone else thinking about whether or not to go to the next clinic ?   We all say we love our horses. But often times it is a one-sided relationship where humans expect the horse to 'serve' us in numerous jobs, disciplines etc.   I would say to any horse you  care  or give any thought to what your horse really needs from us in terms of an honest, fair and willing partnership?  Other than the obvious needs, our equine friends also deserve our close attention to how they communicate to us in every move they make.   I would encourage anyone who wants a better relationship...a mutual understanding through communication with their equine partner, not to miss the opportunity to work with Don, Canada's only 5 star master instructor in Natural Horsemanship. 
.... Pam

What was the biggest thing you took away from the clinic that you use with your horse ?  I have to pick one?! Hahaha.  Gosh, I really don’t know where to start, there were so many things (big and little) that I use every day now.  I learned so much about my gelding and myself through the 4 days and our ability to adapt in a new environment.  Overall I think the biggest thing I took away was being able to trust my horse again.  We’ve had some pretty rough spots throughout the 7 years I’ve owned him and I didn’t trust him under saddle anymore.  All of the exercises from the first day really helped to start rebuilding my confidence that he would slow down or stop when asked (he was good at speeding up and charging through my attempts to slow/stop him in the past).  It really ‘clicked’ for us during our one on one with Don.  I’m so fortunate to have had that opportunity and it made a huge difference for us.  We continue to build on that in preparation for next year! 
... Leslie

What was the biggest thing you took away from the clinic that you use with your horse ? That when I put my horse into a tense situation, she really falls apart. I learned that my base wasn't there and she wasn't ready to ride. At home in her surroundings she is great, however anything new thrown at her and she reverts back to her original behaviour. 
... Alex