Super Camp with Kathy Baar, 5-Star Master Instructor

and Senior Horse Development Specialist

~ Fundamentals of Horsemanship ~

July 25 - 29, 2022

Super Camp 2022 Level 3

Equine Psychology and developing happy harmonious horses. 

Understand the goal of each game and the quality to seek in developing your partnership.   The 7 Games are simply the skeleton of your communication. 

Develop a solid foundation and a willing partner whether you’re a recreational rider or have competitive goals.  The more solid a foundation the safer you will be and the further along and more prepared you’ll be in your specialty.

  • Riding perfect circles

  • Refining lateral movements to improve your horse’s balance and power

  • Creating straightness within the gait and during transitions

  • Purity of gait


  • Riding Pie Slices with Carrot Sticks

  • Refinement and laterals on the cloverleaf

  • Wagon wheels for perfect circles

  • Riding crooked to create straightness

  • Forward to Purity of Gait


Day 1: Morning- 7 games challenges

Afternoon- Effective ground preparation, riding


Day 2: Morning- Harmony tasks, liberty

Afternoon- Group riding sessions


Day 3: Morning - Refinement skills, riding

Afternoon - Demos and private lessons


Day 4: Morning - Liberty, riding

Afternoon - Demos and private lessons


Day 5: Morning - Skill games and challenges, problem solving

Afternoon - Creating a plan for progress when you leave



Kathy has been a Parelli Instructor since 2002. She was part of the original Parelli Faculty and taught for 5 years at the Parelli Center under the guidance of Linda and Pat Parelli. Before joining the faculty she was fortunate to spend over 6 seasons studying at Linda and Pat Parelli’s Study Centers. Her studies included several Eventing courses with David and Karen O’Conner along with Pat and Linda as well as an opportunity to travel to Australia and participate in a Colt Start held by some of Pat’s top instructors along with subsequent opportunities to study Colt Starting with Pat and his top Instructors.

Among her travels she has also studied at Craig Johnson’s Three Circles Ranch in Gainsville, Texas; and had the opportunity to start colts at one of the top racehorse breeding farms, WinStar Farms, in Kentucky. Kathy also had the opportunity to participate in lessons with dressage master Walter A. Zettl. Kathy is currently teaching in the field and based in Kentucky.

Kathy Baar is also a USDF Gold Medalist, Author, and Horse Development Specialist. She has been studying and teaching Natural Horsemanship for over 20 years, combining the happiness of the horse with the results needed for competition and Horse Development.






Kathy at the Colorado campus

Kathy at the Colorado campus

No matter the equipment, the foundation remains the same!

No matter the equipment, the foundation remains the same!


Early bird Cost:   $1200
with deposit of $200 by March 15.  

Balance of payment by June 15.

Regular cost:  $1300 

Regular:  $50  
Book ahead for all 5 days: $200


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