My first introduction to Parelli in 2005 changed the course of my life.

I had grown up in the city as one of three kids to a single mom. I had access to horses through some family friends, and eventually rode for an equestrian facility that
ran camps and needed people to train horses in the off-season. 

In university I completed a degree in mathematics with a specialization in statistics, and worked in the aerospace industry. In the middle of my career, my husband bought me my first horse, which led me to my first Parelli clinic.

I completed Level 4 of the program and received my black string from Pat Parelli – a very surreal experience!  I've been an instructor since 2013.  I'm very thankful for my family, for whom pursuing my dream has meant moving away from the suburbs, late suppers, and putting many miles on the family car.

With my Level 4 foundation, I have begun participating in competitive trail events.  I'm particularly interested in bridging the gap between natural horsemanship and performance riding, and in developing my horses’ inherent talents. My first two horses were right-brained – unconfident and emotional.  My new guy is a young Left-Brain Introvert, and has pushed me towards a whole new level of learning.   Listening to other people's stories, I’ve realized that while everyone encounters challenges, they still find a way to solve life’s puzzles and  realize their horsemanship dreams.

For me, being an instructor means being able to support my students and help cause a shift or realization in them to reach their horsemanship goals. It also means being able to support Pat and Linda in their mission to grow and share the Parelli program.

Taking a look back ...